MICHELFELDER GmbH - Metall- und Blechbearbeitung, Standort Spaichingen

Supplier Service Provider

MICHELFELDER GmbH - Metall- und Blechbearbeitung, Standort Spaichingen company portrait

MICHELFELDER GmbH offers innovative solutions in metal technology, pipe technology, tool technology and dosing technology. MICHELFELDER is a medium-sized family company in southwest Germany with currently 250 employees and is a qualified supplier for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. We offer innovative solutions for our customers at eight locations. Flexibility, high quality, process reliability, expertise and economy "quality in series" are offered.

Metal technology, pipe technology, tool technology, dosing technology, sheet metal processing, laser welding technology, stainless steel technology, laser fine cutting technology, fixture construction, follow-up composite tool, assembly production.

With our design service "systemeering" the customer gets individual solutions in the area of sheet metal housing, tubular frame construction.


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