Tuttlingen – 13 certificate courses, 171 seminars, around 20 percent of which are new: These are the numbers behind the 2024 continuing education program for medical technology from MedicalMountains GmbH. In addition to the tried and tested points, additional focal points include sustainability and simulation.

A qualification offer is never static. There is also a basis of recurring topics at MedicalMountains GmbH, which arise from the wide range of mandatory laws, standards and processes, especially in quality management and regulatory affairs. However, within this base and building on it, change is the order of the day. Three factors are important. “We take up new or changing needs from the industry,” says Tamara Becker, who is responsible for further training management at MedicalMountains GmbH. “Impetus is provided proactively when it comes to technology trends, for example.” The third pillar is the results from the vision process for the medical technology industry. Simulation, innovation culture and sustainability have been identified as key future elements.

This approach will be reflected in three new certificate courses next year. “ Clinical Affairs Manager”, “Sustainability Manager Medical Technology” and “Technical Documentation Manager ” are on the agenda for the first time. The “Medical Technology Quality Manager” has received a “facelift”. “The building blocks are now even closer to the requirements,” explains Tamara Becker, “deeper in the MDR and further towards digitalization.” The “International Approval Manager” is also equipped with more countries than before. Areas that are also reflected in the 38 new seminars. These include, for example, “managing and monitoring processes in medical technology”, “international authorized representatives”, “research and development contracts” and “simulation in medical technology”.

Continuity is guaranteed when it comes to event formats: hybrid or online are the methods of choice. “In very few cases there is only presence,” says Tamara Becker, referring to appointments that have the character of a workshop, involve inspections or sometimes take place on machines. Regardless of how the participants participate: the practical relevance and pragmatic implementation are always in the foreground. “We provide companies with a comprehensive package of knowledge and know-how,” summarizes Tamara Becker. Together with Denise Zimmermann, she forms the further training tandem for questions and further information.

After the summer holidays, the further training brochures will be published in printed form. The appointments can already be viewed and booked online using this link.

The new certificate courses for 2024 at a glance:

  • Clinical Affairs Manager
    Course start: June 27, 2024
  • Technical Documentation Manager
    Course start: September 12, 2024
  • Sustainability manager for medical technology
    Course start: September 26, 2024
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