Tuttlingen – In the next ten years, a large proportion of the “baby boomers” will retire and no longer be available for the labor market. How can this situation be mastered and turned into an advantage? Diversity and compatibility are two levers that can already be moved - and which will come into focus at the next personnel symposium for medical technology on February 15th.

The fact that people are different is accepted and integrated into the corporate culture - and yet some connections are taken for granted. With his keynote, Robert Franken helps to change perspectives and rethink. He talks about his own learning journey towards a changed perception and an attitude that wants to be humble and curious at the same time - that focuses on fairness, security and difference. Simone Pajunk-Schelling (Pajunk GmbH Medizintechnologie) provides a practical report; she talks about dealing with numerous cultures of origin and sexual identities in the company.

Balancing a career and reduced working hours is still a challenge - but can also bring great benefits for both sides, employer and employee. Johanna Fink from TEILZEIT.TALENTE is convinced of this. In her keynote, she highlights the reasons for the desire for more flexible working models and the role men play in acceptance - supported with examples and solutions. In her experience report, Caroline Hermann shows how the compatibility of work and family is made possible at Volz Group GmbH.

The third keynote of the day comes from Andreas Seltmann. It is dedicated to the 50 plus generation - the prejudices towards them, but above all their potential. Anyone who succeeds in developing them into brand ambassadors acts in an economically sensible, socially intelligent manner, promotes cross-generational collaboration - and improves their image.

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