Tuttlingen/Stuttgart – Good news for everyone who would like to exhibit at the Mountains joint stand at MedtecLIVE from June 18th to 20th: bookings are still possible until February 16th. Not because there is too little interest, but on the contrary: more than 30 spaces have already been allocated - which means record participation.

The original plan was to start further planning at the beginning of the year. However, high demand has led to the timeline being adjusted. “More interested parties contact us every week and we don’t want to prevent them from participating,” says Melanie Gebel, who is responsible for events and trade fairs at MedicalMountains GmbH. In this specific case, this means: Places at the shared exhibition stand in Stuttgart can still be booked until February 16th.

With more than 30 spaces allocated, the previous year's figure has already been exceeded. “We have record participation,” says Melanie Gebel happily. How high this new record will be depends on how many co-exhibitors join in the coming days - who will in any case be in good company at an optimally visible stand. “Stand planning and exhibitor management are the next big tasks,” says Melanie Gebel. There is a lot to coordinate and coordinate. Ultimately, the same motto always applies: to reduce the organizational effort of the participating companies and institutions to a minimum. “This all-round, worry-free promise applies to everyone,” emphasizes Melanie Gebel, “no matter how many co-exhibitors we have or when someone has booked has."

  • Further information about the joint stand at MedtechLIVE in Stuttgart can be found at this link.

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