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Electroplating and P VD services


There are many good reasons to choose PVD technology:
in addition to the low chemical load on sensitive components and outstanding adhesive strength, this gentle method of coating also boasts a wide range of potential substrates, layers and layer combinations, particularly for base materials that cannot be electroplated, such as ceramic, glass, plastic and titanium (alloys). Combination with other coating methods is possible, e.g. base layer for subsequent coating processes.


Your benefits:
• Coating with (precious metals) alloys of almost every composition
• Completely cyanide-free processing
• No waste water
• Coating with non-precious metals, such as aluminum, titanium, niobium as well as heat-resistant plastic
• Minimal chemical stress for sensitive components
• Many substrates, coatings and coating combinations are available
• Coating options with metals that cannot be galvanically separated
• Excellent adhesion
• Production of more ductile, even, homogeneous coatings
• Coating thickness of 0,05 μm - 0,2 μm
• Combination with other coating methods is possible, for example, with base layering for galvanization

Rack electroplating services can be used to refine the surfaces of products with gold, gold alloys, silver, rhodium, black ruthenium, palladium, platinum, nickel and copper – available as individual layers or in combinations. We will also gladly provide electroplating services for small or individual parts on request.
Experience and expertise make for outstanding results. Our state-of-the-art rack plating job shop offers you a huge range of options to help you find your ideal surface plating solution. Whether for decorative or technical work, we offer the perfect solution for all batch sizes and for customised production of single items in our electroplating job shop.
Promptly and professionally, we finish products from the fields of electronics, jewellery, optics, medical engineering and writing instruments.


Our service – the benefits for you:
• Expert technical support from our master electroplaters
• Many years of experience, even when it comes to dealing with particularly delicate components
• Short processing times
• Reliable, cooperative service at all times

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