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Diagnosis in the medical technology industry


Diagnosis includes any tests done by a doctor, psychologist, substitute practitioner, or other practitioner to determine the disease. Diagnosis usually begins with something called amnesia. This means that doctors systematically ask patients about their main complaints (symptoms), e.g. B. when they occurred. Information about previous illnesses or illnesses that occurred within the family also provide valuable information for diagnosis. The person diagnosing the diagnosis uses their senses to make the physical diagnosis. For example, he looks at his patient, feels him or her, or uses a stethoscope to assess the noise in the body. The third group of diagnostic methods is called device-based diagnostic methods because they require more complex auxiliary tools. This includes imaging tests (such as X-rays or ultrasound) and laboratory diagnostics (such as blood tests). Diagnostics is understood to mean the entirety of all measures that lead to the detection of diseases (diagnosis). Diagnosis includes procedures such as memory exams, physical exams, and other engineering exams, as well as analysis of body tissues and waste. Aids (such as reagents) that are used in the context of diagnosis are called diagnosis.

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