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CNC Machines in the medical technology industry

CNC Machines

By using high-precision machining centers in medical technology, companies can create highly precise and complex components for medical devices and applications. Medical manufacturing includes different types of components: knee or hip prostheses, dental implants, surgical instruments. CNC machines (Computerized Numerical Control) for medical technology are machine tools that, thanks to the use of control technology, are able to automatically produce workpieces with high precision, even for complex shapes. When using a CAM system, the data from the CAD program, with which the components are usually constructed, can be converted into a CNC program with the help of a postprocessor, taking into account some other factors such as the geometry of the tools, speeds, feeds. In addition to the manual input of the control information, there is also the so-called teach-in method, which is available for a few suitable CNC machines, and workshop programming with input masks.

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