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Textiles in the medical technology industry


Medical technology is already one of the main areas of application for textile products. This is not just about sterile nonwovens or antibacterial coated hospital clothing for wound care. Textile high-tech is finding its way into the operating theater, doctor's practice and supply room. For example, the high biocompatibility of textile products illustrates their use as implants - they avoid rejection processes.
Industrial textiles such as titanium alloys have great potential in the field of medical technology. The example in the new manual of the Textile Research Advisory Board has become a reality: An energy-saving textile belt alleviates pain by stimulating nerve processes. The flexible textile stent ensures an adequate blood supply to the heart. Modular textile implants can stabilize the femur. Textiles made of titanium can also play a role here.

In medical technology, the areas of application of technical textiles range from antibacterial surgical textiles to wound dressings, which no longer have to be replaced and can accelerate the healing process in the case of certain injuries, to absorbable yarns for suturing internal wounds to artificial implants (such as vascular stents for blood vessels or nets for inguinal hernias). Clothing based on antibacterial textiles can also be used to alleviate neurodermatitis.
The manufacture of medical textile structures places high demands on materials and manufacturing technology. Textile implants are subject to the maximum requirements laid down in the “Medical Devices Act”, among other things. The selected material must be approved for medical use.

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